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Methee Duangron

This is my first time visiting Nepal was such a wonderful trip, It was different from the other countries that I have ever been to, Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal the building among the valley was beautiful there are a lot of Hindi and Buddha temples I tested the local liquor it was very strong but I liked it, I enjoyed eating local food, something was like buff and bean yes I like it,The first day of my trekking I saw a lot of mountain the view was good though the sky was foggy it was very cold at night I woke up early in the morning OMG I saw the sky was clear you know It was a big snow mountain was in front of me that’s awesome!! And then we kept trekking till to the lodge which is a based to trek to Poon hill the view from my room can be seen the snow mountain it’s perfect In the morning we trekked to Poon hill yeah we enjoyed the Annapurna circuit with the first sun’s light shining through the circuit I was absolutely impressed that after that we trekked to Gharndruk past lots of mountain when I looked back from the top of the mountain I couldn’t believe in myself we trekked past big mountains Hahahaha Sudip he was my guide took care of me very good he was such my good friend thank you for a fabulous trip in Nepal I’m looking forward to going back again my next trek is ABC surely!! Thanks for a best organize by Mr. Rajendra and His Company”A One Nepal Trek P. Ltd”

Methee Duangron

From Thailand.

10th Oct 2015.

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