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Nepal is a country of high Himalayas and adventurous places. The adventure sports is designed for those who  want to get adventure and want to get the maximum satisfaction from the adventurous land of the region. The activities like bungee jumping, mountain biking, hot ballooning, biking, paragliding etc can be regarded as the major adventurous thing that one can do in Nepal. Nepal bears the best possibility of having adventurous sports throughout the year. 
Mountain flight
Mountain flight is a very easy way to explore around the high hills from the height. The domestic airline through the high hills will provide us the best possible way to explore around the snow capped mountains. While making the mountain flight, we need a better and clear climate while making this flight in the high lands of Nepal. The flight will provide us the best way to get the panoramic view of the surrounding in the limited time. This act is popular at the mountain area of Pokhara and the northern part of the Kathmandu.
Bungee Jumping
Bungee jumping is one of the adventurous sports of Nepal. The act of falling from the height by tying the rope in the legs is known as bungee jumping. There is only one place in Nepal to have the bungee jumping which lies above the Bhote Koshi River. Many tourists from all around the world come here to have the bungee jumping. 
Hot air ballooning
The act of Hot air ballooning indicates the flying above the Kathmandu valley in the balloon safely to view the sight of the Kathmandu valley from the height. The act is also a adventure sports in Nepal indeed. 
Due to the variation of landscapes in different region of Nepal, the act of biking either motor or mountain biking is very popular among the visitors. This act will provide the visitors with the golden opportunity of visiting at different places of Nepal. The sports will be done at classic off road adventure. The biking can be done around the Kathmandu valley along with some part of Pokhara. The route will offer us great scenario around the valley while biking. Similarly, this act will also provide us some chances of getting physical fitness during the tour. 
Paragliding is the act of flying in the air with the help of parachute. The act will provide us the sceneries of the low land as it consists of air activities. While doing such adventure sports, we will be offered with the bird’s eye view over the region which will be exhilarating. It is the act of flying consists flying from the height to the low land of the area. Generally, Sarangkot of Pokhara is famous for this type of adventurous sports in Nepal. 
Rock climbing
This is the process of climbing over the high and rocky hills of the hilly regions. The Kathmandu valley will provide some spots where one can do the rock climbing. This adventurous sport is gaining popularity day by day among the tourists. The places like Nagarjuna along with some