A One Nepal Trek Pvt. Ltd. Nepal Govt. Regd No: 1340/071/072


  • Maximum Altitude : 1400 Meters height
  • Trip Activities : Tour/Sightseeing
  • Trip Duration : 01 Night 02 Days Tour
  • Trip Grade: Tour/driving
  • Best Time: Tuesday,October 26-2022.
  • Group Size Min: 01 Trekkers
  • Accommodation: Hotel
  • Transport : By Car or Van
  • Start & End: Kathmandu to Kathmandu

Deepawali is known as the “Tihar” Festival in Nepal. It means a lighting festival. Dipawali, Bhai Tika, Laxmi Puja, and lastly as a festival of lights. In the context of Nepal Tihar is the second big festival of Nepal people. Tihar is celebrated for five days. In these five days, we need to worship the things as per day. The first day is of crow. On this day we worship crows, feed them which helps in removing our sin. The second day is with the dog. We worship & give them food because it very honors animals. The third day is of Goddess Laxmi (Hindu Goddess of wealth or prosperity). On this day we try to make happy to goddess Laxmi by making puja and so on to be wealthy. Fourth is of Govardhan Parbat (big hill carried by Lord Krishna to shave village). Final and the last day is Bhai Tika. It means we worship our brothers for their long life & make them happy by giving them delicious foods. But if you are brother without sister & sister without brothers then you can have tika with your neighbors to fill your forehead.

In the time of Tihar, all the people in Nepal make their houses full of lights. They decorate their houses with different colors & lights to make happy for goddess Laxmi. People make a small group to play typical Nepali dancing & singing program (design and “Vailo”-“Deusure”) in other peoples house for entertainment. The most interesting thing is smiling on the face of the child which is not a fake smile. It makes us happy from our heart. People also gamble at this time which is not a good habit. Many people lose their property. Due to which Nepal Government strictly remove the system of gambling. This is how Tihar is celebrated in Nepal. It is very interesting in live performance. So if you are interested to have the live performance you can kindly contact A One Nepal Trek.

Manual Note:

Client Reviews

Name: Arteain Doglop

From: Rusia

would very much like to sincerely recommend A Nepal trek company and a best manager named Mr. Y.B.Pant[Rajendra]. This is my third trip to Nepal and took a service with well known guide Mr Rajendra. We were very proud because he has been starting his a nice operation company with almost nearly 20 years experience of his guiding with some thousands of tourists from world. He provides us a good guide and a porter. Guide[Surya] was a real discovery! we took 17 days trek to “Throng-la pass 5416m” or known as “Annapurna circuit”. He is one of the most knowledgeable guide with friendly nature and of-course, me very strong impression by his great service. So, this year, I decided to do again something genuine with this Trekking company, Although, if you are planning a trip to Nepal, please do not miss your chance to observe the best respectful business way of life and get life-time memory from Nepal. No, many others agency will be able to find a proper guide on field. True they were became a real friend of mine for long & long…….

Name: Arteain Doglop

Email: arteain@gmail.com

Phone: +977-165538736

Country: Rusia

Name: Beate

From: Spain

Bonjour, A One Nepal Trek.
Notre voyage en Nepal s’est parfaitement déroulé conformément au programme que nous avions fait avec l’agence Annapurna base camp Trek.
Les différents guides qui nous ont accompagnés étaient compétents et disponibles pour répondre à nos questions ou faciliter notre séjour.
Monique et Pierre.

Name: Bien cordialement

From: André Ferrier / France

Bonjour A One Nepal Trek

juste un petit retour pour vous signifier que nous étions pleinement satisfait de notre séjour. Tout c’est super bien déroulé, le mini van et les guides au top ! Hôtels très bien.
L’étape de Poon Hill restant pour nous le clou du spectacle.
Merci d’avoir si bien gérer notre voyage à distance.

Bien cordialement,

André Ferrier / France
11th, Oct 2014.

Name: Bonne tournée

From: Sapin

Namaste! A One Nepal Trek Company.

J’espère que vous allez bien ,de notre coté tout c’est bien passé nous sommes bien rentrés.
A propos de notre circuit les transferts nous avions et les hôtels comme l’organisation étaient super !
Les hôtels sélectionnés étaient bien placés pour les visites, le circuit super, paysages magnifiques

Bonne tournée, Marie-Louise et Philippe.

28 May 2014.

Name: Diana and Agustin

From: De republica de Argentina

Estimado y querido Rajendra,

el viaje que nos organizaste por Nepal fue simplemente espectacular. Tu organización fue perfecta, tanto de los hoteles como en los pueblos que fuimos parando durante la vuelta al Annapurna. Tu conocimiento del lugar nos facilitó mucho las cosas, tu asesoramiento con respecto a la altura, que hizo que ninguno del grupo tuviera problemas. Tu calidez y simpatía hizo que dejáramos a un verdadero amigo en Nepal.
Todos tenemos ganas de volver, porque sabemos en quién confiar y conociendo ahora la maravilla que es tu país y sugente.

Otra vez muchas gracias por todo este evento inolvidable para nosotros.

Abrazo, Agustín.
De republica de Argentina.
23 Abril 2014.