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  • Rara lake Trek

wilderness trekking route is the process of walking on the high Himalayas. While making such activities in the high Himalayas of Nepal, we will view the great scenery of the surrounding along to the top of the world. The trail will be obviously tough while making our trek to these wilderness areas. While making such trekking, trekkers may need the help of better guides and training of mountain climbing. We need better guides and trekking information while making such trekking to the high lands of the Himalayas. Such activities can be done at the regions like Everest region, Annapurna region, Langtang region, Helambu region, Manaslu region, mustang region, Kanchenjunga region, Arun valley; Rolwaling Tashi Lopcha passes Sherpeni Col, Tilicho Lake are some of the prominent examples of beautiful places where the trekkers can do these types of wilderness trekking. Such wilderness trekking routes are mainly non touristic or non crowded places which will need still the time to be explored. While making these types of trekking in Nepal, we may also get the opportunity of visiting around the beautiful villages along with their traditional culture and life styles. Mostly, such types of trekking is done for walking in the day time for about 5 to 6 hours in average and spending the night at the tented cmap at different altitudes. The process or the time duration to have the wilderness trekking in Nepal will be surely fantastic along with the crew members. The scene while making such wilderness trekking will be surely mesmerizing and enjoyable too.

The trekking with these high lands of Nepal along with A Nepal Trek will be fun indeed. The arrangement of better guides and trekking equipment’s will be done by the A Nepal Trek.