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We are what we are…Himalayan escorts who love taking you into the mountains…this is what we do best!

Namaste & warm greetings from “A One Nepal Trek!!’

Adventure, travelling and trekking is something that is loved by almost all but the most difficult thing is to find out where to begin from and who to depend on. Since this is your most likely scenario, don’t look too far, you can look forward to A One Nepal Treks for all your travel related needs. This company is dedicated for over two decades in adventure tourism and highly recommended by globe trotters from around the world. We help plan your treks and adventure and take complete care of all your needs and requirements so that all you have to do is enjoy the beautiful mountains and find yourself in sublime peace in the midst of Mother Nature.

Trekking takes you to most escalated and amazing places one can ever imagine of. Nepal a country highly blessed with natural beauty the snow capped mountains, the Himalayas, waterfalls, Gorges, and the diversity in landscapes here is found nowhere else being the best destination for all trekkers and adventure lovers.

All the places from alpine to tropical altitude including the Himalayan region, Hilly region and the plain land of Terai can be enjoyed here only in Nepal. The diversity of the nature, rivers, lakes, flora, fauna, mountains and outstanding sceneries of this beautiful Himalayan country makes your Nepal trekking holiday much more special and impressive.

Trekking in Nepal is not only about the beautiful nature, Hills and Himalayas but you also come across various cultures, traditions, ethnic villages and mixed communities all living together harmoniously in the society following their own rituals and cultures. But in some parts only ethnic communities can be found such as the upper section of Everest region known as Khumbu and mostly populated by the Sherpas. Trekking here allows good interaction with people of wide diversities and visitors enjoy various cultures and traditions, organic food and gripping lifestyles.

Enjoying your vacation in a foreign land with such huge diversities and landscapes of all nature can be a tedious and troublesome task, where to begin from who to be accompanied with and many other difficulties come your way. But once you are associated with A One Nepal Trek you could forget all this and just pack your bags and get set for the ultimate thrill of breathtaking adventures in the pure wild…

Vital areas to make Note of:

#. The cost given by us is as per the standard of service we provide you that bears much value to your money. We provide experienced licensed guides, friendly staff with better wages, insurance and well maintained equipment.

We provide rental jackets and sleeping bags as well for clients of different sizes and standard based on the areas we trek in.

#.We offer budget prices for all our valued clients that cover good hygienic meals and other services and pay our staff well so that they take care of you well. There are companies here that lower the standard of food and underpay their staff but we prefer to minimize our profits so that all concerned are happy.

#. Since the recent earthquake that devastated the nation in many ways, we are yet to recover from the destructive effects of it. And as part of our social corporate responsibility we donate a part of our profit towards the reconstruction work in building schools and shelters of people among our community. Your help and support is highly appreciated and required; help us by providing an opportunity to serve you. Each dollar you pay counts.

#. We are a over two decades old company with dedicated and experienced staff who enjoy their work. Our concern is “Safety First”, then service for all our valued clients. We are well aware of the fact that “A happy client is bigger than many advertisements”.

#. We design your holiday plans in a way that make your dreams come true;  we understand your wants, safety and know that you travel on a budget, in noting these issues, it further helps us to build a long term business relationship with our valued clients.

#. Our company “A One Nepal Trek” is a legal local operating trekking company based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Travelers develop a trust in us for the following reasons:

#. When planning a vacation, there are certain things you will want to know about the company you choose to travel with: Are they experienced? Are they financially secured? Do they provide good value for your money?

At A One Nepal trek all your questions are answered through our toiling for over 2 decades and the satisfaction goes beyond your expectations:

#. We have 22 years of experience escorting trekkers all over the high Himalayas in Nepal and across the borders into Tibet. We have worked hard and mastered all kinds of trekking experiences that can be found in the book of adventure. A One Nepal Trek has been providing vacations with lifetime memories for numerous happy clients.

 Our Working Principles and Values: 

We have a highly motivated workforce whose sole purpose is satisfaction for our customers and treating them well with all the respect and care they deserve, no matter where they travel in Nepal. We operate differently and completely in ways that provide better results for us and our clients. Our porters carry weight not more than 20 kg and if the porter gets sick we take care of them well until completely cured. The staffs are free to join any trade union and they are provided annual medical care and other insurances.

Trained & Skilled Guides:

Our guides are skilled and licensed holders from concerned authorities; they speak fluent English and many other languages and are well trained from authorized tourism departments. They have a thorough knowledge of the landscapes and the Nepalese terrain. Our key priorities are health, security and hygiene before anything else. We believe in quality rather than quantity.


We at A One Trek Nepal know that it’s not only tourism and trekking but its responsible tourism that counts most. We work in eco-friendly environs and environmental preservation is our prime concern. Our trekking crews are committed to reducing damages done to the environment and we are all completely aware of the issues related to it. We carry the leftover waste with us and use renewable sources of energy and sponsor several recycling projects throughout the country.

Social Services with the Community:

We believe “Service to mankind is service to God”. And since giving back as much as we take is a law that governs nature, we always ensure that we give back something to the area and community we work with on the trails. We facilitate the local community in our own possible ways; this includes installing tube wells, building toilets, supporting some schools and deserving students and other community development activities. We believe that unless the community is developed the overall development and progress of the nation is not possible.Name “Do It For”(Do it for=means a unprofitable NGO that we are going to legal, which is on  process) – See more at:

Personalized Services to the core: 

We never ever compromise on providing personalised services to our valued clients. We also have money back policy in case we fail to satisfy you with our services. We plan our ventures with every detail checked into so that you enjoy your trek and do not believe in luck to meet our goals. We leave no stone unturned in our guaranteed services to ensure you enjoy your holidays throughout the whole length of your stay in Nepal.

Our Mission:

We seek to give our clients the absolute best for what they pay for and knowing they travel thousands of miles leaving home and country, we always go the mile to make sure our clients are always happy, from the moment of touch down at the airport to their final departure on completion of their vacations. This has been the sole MISSION of our company since its very initiation.

Our Vision:

This land is yours as much as it’s ours, and we encourage our clients to feel at home wherever we escort them and always make sure the environment we travel through is well conserved as well. We encourage communities to keep the areas we travel through clean, green and healthy so our honored guests relish the trails and areas they hike through and go home with fond memories of a journey that has been meaningful and rewarding. Our VISION has always been to ensure that our clients not only enjoy the trip but remain safe while hiking through tough terrain of immense beauty while also having fun on the way. 

Join us for a trip at A One Trek Nepal and feel at home like nowhere else…we’ll show you the hidden beauty of Nepal’s stunning Himalayas in ways that will warm your heart with a lifetime of experiences never ever to be forgotten…

Our perfect Team: