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Bhutan is a small Buddhist Kingdon situated between India and China nestled in eastern Himalayas. It was opened as the Bhutan for world only in 1960 AD. Bhutan has an area of 38,390 sq km and situated at the altitude of 7500 m above the sea level in the north and 100 m above sea level in the south. Before 4000 years ago Bhutan was inhabited. In that time people used to believe in Bonism religion. People of Bhutan have good hospitality. Bhutan is a small land locked country and this country is rich in their culture and Language because Bhutan imposed isolation itself for more than 5 decades from the rest of other countries in the world. The national language of Bhutan is Dzongkha which means the language of the fort. Each ethnic group of Bhutan is vibrant and separate because of difficult topography of country.

Bhutan is covered with forest by 72 % of its total area. Bhutan is rich in variety of plants and animals. Subtropical zone (150m to 2000m), temperate zone (2000 to 4000m) and the alpine zone (4000m and above) are the three different zone of Bhutan. Most of the products of Bhutan are gross domestic product. This philosophy of development is known as Gross National Happiness. The 4th king of Bhutan, His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck termed a coin in 1972 AD.

Bhutan abandons its self imposed isolation policy but it had been mysterious even to its neighboring country. Bhutan grapple itself to find a perfect balance between preservation of culture & tradition with modernization. But till now Bhutan has not found perfect balance between this two things. But the tremendous developments in all sectors is been done in all parts. Bhutan also manages to hold its unique personality that makes unlikely to other country in the world with the population of more than 0.7 million.