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  • Tibet Overland with EBC Tour

50 years of oppression with China’s people, Tibet was invades by Liberation Army. In this war more than 10000 people had died. The Dalai Lama repeated attempts to negotiate with China. Dalai Lama was forced into full leadership of China in 1950 AD who was just 15 years old. Just one year later in 1951 AD a Tibetan delegation was forced to sign the 17-Point Agreement, promising “Measures for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet”. In 1959 AD Dalai Lama was sent to speak with Chairman Mao Zedong in china. Mao told him “religion is poison” which have poisoned Tibet and Mongolia. Martial law as thousands of Tibetan refugees begin pouring into India was declared by Chinese.

China has damaged the environmental situation of Tibet by many poisonous activities. Such as dumping toxic water in to Rivers, clear cut of forests, rare birds and animals were hunted for entertainment and nuclear testing facilities are built. Because of this activity hundreds of thousands of Tibetans leave their life from famine and disease. The Chinese started to build facilities for the development of nuclear weapons. All the nuclear testing activity was tested in the Tibetan plateau by Chinese people. Chinese people put $ 54 billion in their pockets by cutting and selling 25 % of Tibet’s forests just in 30 years. In 1980 AD 5 billion tons of soil was lost by erosion every year due to the rapid deforestation. This condition made Yellow River Flood. At least there are 300 to 400 nuclear warheads of China in current time. Maximum of them are in the Tibetan Plateau. “Year of Tibet” was declared in 1991 AD by china and bulldozing historic Tibetan buildings was started. The central square of beautiful city Lhasa was declared as Tibet’s capital. This is the history Tibet how it arises from china.