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  • Mani Rimdu Festival Trek in Everest

Nepal is not famous for Land of Himalayas. But it is very popular for its unique culture & tradition with religious festivals. Every year Nepali people celebrate more than 50 festivals. Religious festivals are set following the lunar calendar by astrologers and national festival are fixed by dates. Best things of festivals in Nepal is the events are celebrated large numbers of people with the same enthusiasm as it is celebrated 100s of years ago when people have no other means for entertainment. Till now festivals not only yearly spectacles, but live as a part of rich cultural legacy. In context of Nepal, people have diverse background together of culture which is the chance to share their social lives. Maximum festivals celebrated in Nepal are religious but some have significance of history too. Most Nepalese festivals are related to different Buddhist & Hindu goddesses & god. They celebrate it on divine day for religion & tradition.

Festivals are celebrated in all the places of Nepal. In Himalayan region we can see people celebrating festivals. To have view over it we need to do trekking. Among them in Everest region Mani Rimdu and Dumji festivals trek and Tiji festival trek in upper Mustang is being famous day by day. All this festivals are Buddhist pilgrims. In Nepal Buddhist festival trek will reward you a chance of observing ideal & real Tibetan Buddhist culture, religion. Celebrating festivals in the land of Himalayas with golden dawn views of mountains will be so much interesting. All this festivals attract many tourists. Due to which flights & hotels are sold out before a month ago. This is all about festival trekking in Nepal. It is very interesting in live performance. So if you are interested to have live performance you can kindly contact to A One Nepal Trek.