A One Nepal Trek Pvt. Ltd. Nepal Govt. Regd No: 1340/071/072

Lum,Blum and family

Dear Y.B. (in Malay stand for Your Excellency) Pant or Ranjendra (meaning King),

My wife Honglee and All we truly thank you very much for your services and planning during the EBC trekking and for giving us excellent and almost royal treatment and for making us feel like part of your family.

Timing: Within a very short period of time, you are able to cater for us all, elderly with some injuries so that we are able to enjoy fully the really picturesque journey during the whole trekking period. Your daily planning and great sense of timing have enabled our group to be divided into 2 groups depending on speed and capability so that both sections fully enjoy the trekking at own pace and reaching all the desired destinations and stops within time. As a nature photographer, I thank your patience and allowing and encouraging me to document the wonderful fauna and flora along the way.

Internal Flight: The flight from Katmandu to Lukla airport which is considered the highest and most dangerous airport in the world was most memorable and exciting. Your ability to book the first flights in and out of Lukla boosts our confidence that everything was within time and schedule. Even so, 2 days before we flew out, all flights were cancelled due to uncertain weather but luck and blessings were with us throughout.

Information: Your many years of experience shows in the ability to give good, accurate information on many topics raised during the trekking. You are able to engage us in useful conversations and your great sense of humor really entertained us especially during some days of long and high altitude trekking.

Food: We truly enjoyed all the traditional Nepalese meals and the Dal Baht is not only nutritious and healthy but taste great. The daily Garlic soup probably helps us from developing high altitude symptoms. Your choice of rest houses giving great clean food and warm stay really made each day memorable and restful. This is our third trip to Nepal and the first time none of our group members came down with gastro-enteritis.

Porters: We are very grateful to our porters who not just carried our bags with such care but also went out of the way to accompany us on the last leg of EBC trek. We appreciate that after carrying our stuff, they even come back to help us in slippery, wet and dark conditions.

Recommend: We highly recommend A One Nepal Trek Company and all of staff are perfectly superb team for well organized. Please, join with them wherever for your an amazing time in Nepal.

Finally, we wish you, your family and trekking company many continued blessings.

Warm regards and sincerely,

Lum,Blum and family.

From Malaysia.

30 Sep 2014.