Jungle Safari in Nepal.

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Nepal is a land of Himalayas and water resources but nevertheless, it is also blessed by an enormous number of forest resources all over the country. It is said by many of the visitors of Nepal that once they got to visit Nepal without having a jungle safari will be completing the whole meal without having the salt. This actually means that the objective will be clear but the excitement will be less. So, “A One Nepal Trek P.Ltd” strongly suggests every visitor from all over the world have a visit over to Nepal and definitely you shouldn’t miss the opportunity of having a jungle safari at the dense forest of Nepal. As a matter of fact is that during the expedition on the high hills, we need to pass through the beautiful forest of the region. According to with the altitude, the density of forest is different. The Terai region has tropical forest and the thickness of forest begins to decline with the altitude. After a certain height, we can’t even see a single plant. Anyway, the jungle safari at the tropical and sub-tropical forest is surely something enjoying and exhilarating.

There are many places at Nepal where one can spend some of their quality time with the nature doing jungle safari. There are altogether 16 national parks, four wildlife reserves, and several conservation areas. But the act of jungle safari is quite common and exciting at the Chitwan national park and Bardiya national park. These two are the most fascinating and exciting place to have a jungle safari at Nepal where we can explore the wildlife such as snow leopards, Ghorals, Gharials, crocodile, red panda, antelopes, Deers, elephant, rhinoceros, monkeys, hundreds of birds any other numerous number of other extinct animals along with around 800 types of butterflies. Due to the combination of all these marvelous facts, the jungle safari is the fourth most popular adventure sports in Nepal. Besides the two popular national parks, there are other many places where one can go for the jungle safari. A One Nepal Trek will arrange the process of having the adventurous trekking over to the forested area of Nepal according to the wish and holidays of the visitors. We will assure you for our better performance.

Chitawan National Park. 3 days/2 nights safari.

Bardia National Park. 4 days/3 nights safari.

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