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 Kathmandu (capital city of Nepal) is included infamous cities in the world. Any activity done in Kathmandu will sure be fascinating, exhilarating and memorable for your whole life. Kathmandu used to be supposed a huge lake, according to legend. Combinations of world heritage sites, religious sites, and natural beauty have made Kathmandu very beautiful. Kathmandu is very crowded city since it is small and it cannot be visited 1 day. If you wished to spend your time in top hills then it’s according to your choice.

Spending a fantastic night at Kathmandu we will start our Kathmandu Valley Sight Seeing. At the first, we will visit Swayambunath & Pashupatinath world heritage site. On the same day, we will visit Bouddhanath (Buddhist temple). Visiting this we can have a knowledge and their history. Bhaktapur (BHADGAON) will be our next destination. Over here we will visit the National art gallery, golden gate, nayatapole temple, Patan Durbar square and palace of 55 windows. After visiting these place we will return back for a Daksinkali (open shrine dedicated to ferocious Hindu female deity) visit.

Tour is just to visit the main places of the destination. We need not have to walk like a trekking. It is just like the way of relaxing by visiting many places. In any days of the year for Kathmandu, valley sightseeing tour in Nepal can be done. Without any difficulty just contact A One Nepal TrekPvt. Ltd for Kathmandu valley sightseeing Tour. The schedule of tour days is made according to your choice of days. It will be full of fun to do Tour with the team of A One Nepal Trek Pvt. Ltd.

Details Intinerary

Day 01: Heritage site tour in Kathmandu.

Visit world’s heritage sites. Which is the oldest of the three major cities in Kathmandu Valley – famous for its Buddhist monuments and Hindu temples, and you can catch the traditional artisans working with wood, stones, and metals.

Pashupatinath Temple: It is one of the most known holy places for Hindu pilgrims in Kathmandu valley. The whole vicinity of Pashupatinath is dense with ages-old pagoda model temples with golden plated roofs and the gorgeous woodcarvings on the doors and windows. To the south of the temple, the “Holy” Bagmati river flows down sweeping the burnt dust of dead bodies produced from the cremation on its side. A small green holy wood forest breeze maintains the site cool all the time.

 Boudhanath Stupa: It is one of the nice places to visit in Kathmandu valley, which has the biggest stupa. When someone enters the gate the holy prayer to sense peace is heard all around. All the Buddhists want to visit Boudhanath to feel the real sense of Buddhism. Boudhanath Stupa – one of the biggest stupas in the valley has been built in the 17th Century.

Kathmandu Durbar Square: Around the square, there are some temples stood upright piercing the sky canopy and through the thousands of pigeon they spread the message of peace. Kumari temple is one of the most important parts of the square site where the ‘Living Goddess’ resides. Apart from those temples, a museum will be waiting for its visitors with an opportunity to unravel the treasures unabashedly. To visit this site is to know the historical facts of Nepal.

Soyambhunath Stupa: It is also known as ‘Monkey Temple’. The wide area of Soyambhunath is a hillock surrounded by small forest with some golden temples of Lord Buddha at the western gate and the main temple at the top of the hill. The most interesting thing with Soyambhunath is the nice view of Kathmandu valley to be seen from the top of the hill. Various kinds and sizes of monkeys are seen guarding the hillock. A lot of monasteries with big prayer wheels are the main attraction for the visitors.[Service include:Tour guide+Private coach+Entry ticket]

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Trip Start Date Trip End Date Price for:1-4 person of Group. Price for:5-10 person of Group.
Every Day   USD 100 per Person. USD 85 Per Person.

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 Tour Every Day: Cost USD 100 Per Person.


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